International Business Forum 2019: Berlin

ADAM Global 7th International Business Forum and AGM, successfully concluded in Berlin, Germany. This meeting was held in conjunction with RAK ICC. Many thanks to all of you who attended and for those of you, not present, we always hope to see you at our next Regional meetings and the AGM of 2020.

There were some excellent presentations that focused on a range of topics:

– Germany the investment opportunity
– The Uberisation of Professional Business Services
– The digital law office
– Blockchain and crypto-currency in business
– A range of geographical opportunities spanning the BRIC markets; UAE, Africa; ASEAN and Europe
– Culture at work
– Positivity in thinking
– Offshore and other business set-up offerings, with RAK ICC
– Telemedicine
– Market-entry specialist services, especially in India

We have also appointed a range of leadership roles and the following are the key appointees, as Presidents of Regions, who will work with us in building the ADAM Global brand, across the world;

Presidents will be supported by Vice-Presidents

Country level by Heads of Country

We will ofcourse be appointing other leadership roles, in due course.
You would already have seen a number of photographs and video clips, from the event.
The key out-take, for us, from this meeting, was that we now need to really engage a lot more, with each other, look for opportunities, for growth, from one another and use the ADAM Global platform to make our business and our fellow members business stronger. Alongside the Presidents and Vice-Presidents, of Regions, We look forward to greater engagement, greater communication and greater support to all your fellow members, in this next phase of growth, for all.



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