International Business Forum 2019: Berlin

An International Business Forum brought to you by ADAM Global, the leading platform for Professional Business Services and Networks, in conjunction with their Annual General Meeting.
The aim of the forum is to take a look at some of the key factors affecting and changing our way of life – especially at work. We take a hard look at the workplace as technology changes and challenges what we do – who will win in this space? What is the role of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics? Is it a must we are in each of these remits?
Come and meet some leading lights on the subject that keeps us awake, at night, and see what and how technology will affect your business, over the coming years.

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Appointment of RegionalPresidents Yogan comes from the UK with a Srilankan origin and a professional background in marketing, brand and general management. He has helped build global brands such as Samsung, Intel, Unilever, MTN and GSK, amongst others in Leadership positions. He has founded online marketplaces like Koji to disrupt the deal market in the UK.
Marketing your business effectively & using the AG tools Jessica Augustin comes from Germany with 14 years’ experience in Branding, Digital & Concept Marketing, as well as Corporate Communication. She is an emerging Data Scientist, a Marketing Coach and is responsible for the overall brand positioning and events for ADAM Global.
China: The rise & rise of a new superpower Juliet Zhou Yan is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA), a member of Chartered Institution (MCMI), Member of Certified Risk Management Assurance (CRMA). She is now acting as the Managing Partner of R & Consulting Group China Region, China General Manager...
The digital business model for law firms Tobias Heining is a founding member and board member of the European Legal Tech Association (ELTA) and Director of Business Development & Communications (BD&C) at CMS in Germany. The BD&C department at CMS also comprises a Research & Development unit which is responsible for developing technology-based legal advisory...
Welcome to Germany: The opportunity that is Germany Achim Hartig, Managing Director at Germany Trade & Invest. GTAI is the central point of contact for German foreign trade. They are facilitators who support German companies in their international business activities and foreign companies looking to locate to Germany.
India: Surely the time is now Anant Bhatia Managing Partner at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Prior to joining the Firm six years back, he has worked extensively with PwC and Ernst & Young, where he acquired comprehensive experience on the application of Direct tax and Exchange control regulations. He has rich experience...
A 2nd welcome to Berlin and Germany Per Michael Theobaldt, Managing Director of Legal Skills International Business Lawyers scattered throughout the world. He has a combined number of more than 200 attorneys at law practicing within their own jurisdictions and in cooperation with each other. Mr. Per Michael Theobaldt is a specialist lawyer for employment...
The Role of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies in Professional Business Services Artur Kuczmowski is the Managing Partner at Thompson&Stein International Law firm. He specializes in law and tax consulting for the blockchain and fintech industry. He oversees operational processes of obtaining cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service provider licenses for clients and provides advice on ICO and...
Asif Sabir
Asif has both the passion and expertise to deliver innovative technology, training and consultancy across operations, strategy, business transformation, cloud services and emerging technologies that help clients in their digital transformation migration to the cloud.
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